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A foreign exchange, FX or currency trading – is a decentralized global market with all the world’s currencies trade. The volume of FOREX trading is the largest with an average trading volume exceeding $5 trillion. EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair in the world.


Bitcoin is a unique and popular digital currency due to its lack of physical form and decentralized nature, achieved by the use of Blocking chain technology – perfect for CFD trading. It’s available at Gain FinTech. Trade currency pairs at a very competitive prices that suit your trading needs.

Stock & CFDs

The term CFD stands for Contract for Differences – an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of the instrument. Value the position of an instrument and predict whether it will rise or fall.

Online Trading Platform

Gain FinTech is one of the fastest growing online trading brands in the world! We have now expanded our offerings to include stock trading, ETF trading, Forex trading and a brand-new product unique to Gain FinTech.


Trading Forex has long been a popular choice for investors. Forex, or FX trading, is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with daily trades running into trillions of dollars.


Stock trading is one of our newest products, and with Gainfintech you can buy shares and trade on over 7485 stocks from some of the most successful companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


Apart from all these great products, you can also trade on over 10 million Digital Options, where you speculate on the global market movements of commodities, currencies, indices, and stocks.


ETF trading is another new addition to the platform that offers an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio with less risk.



    “I can say without any doubt that this broker is worth to try! I'm trading on LTC and XRP and I see lots of profit. I have my personal broker, want to mention that I didn't have personal brokers on previous platforms. I feel safe on this platform and strictly recommend you!”


    “Its not always easy to find a Senior Broker that you can feel confident trading with. When investing your money, you need to feel a sense of ease about the broker you're working with. Gainfintech provides exactly that kind of staff and i'm very happy that gave them a try.”


    “I've been trading with crypto currencies and with "hard" commodities on a different platforms. That’s why I joined Gainfintech and it has been quite satisfying because of their staff, personal brokers are well trained professionals from my perspective and the analytic department rocks!”

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Risk Warning

Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. Forex and CFD Trading is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all type of investors. You may go to Risk Warning Page for detailed information. Trading on margin and leveraged products increase your exposure to risk. You may potentially lose some or all of your investment.


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